Tuesday 3 July Chesterfield

A more promising day weather wise but the only chance I have this week to do the shopping. Always the case. I wanted to go to Dunelm as well as Morrisons but when I got to Dunelm I found they were closed due to flood damage! I did not realise they had been affected. The carpet store next door had also been affected, but Wickes, next door to that was OK. A wasted journey. This was after spending 30 minutes getting there after being stuck (as usual) behind a slow moving vehicle all the way. I was also stuck behind a slow moving beast on the way back so at Baslow I decided to sneak and go via the Chatsworth Farm Shop. Only I then got stuck behind a tractor all the way home! Last episode of CSI so it does not matter if anyone phones between 9 and 10 pm for the time being.