Tuesday 3 February Snow and pantomimes

A white scene greeted us this morning at Bolehill. Reckoned there was about 6in snow. With one cottage out and one back in the job started of making sure guests could get in and out. A couple of our guests helped with shovels and once Andrew arrived he cleared the drive with his snow plough on the tractor. Still we were outside clearing up for a few hours. One cleaner up today and she was able to confirm that the drive was passable. Took lots of pics so you can see them in the picture gallery. http://www.bolehillfarm.co.uk/picture_gallery.htm Everything ready for guests arrival just after 5pm. An early dinner then went with one of cleaners to Youlgreave to see the annual pantomime that the villagers put on in the village hall. Her daughters were taking part. It has a good reputation and it was a good evening. Luckily the roads were passable too despite the earlier snow.