Tuesday 28 October

A quieter day with one cottage out and back in and both B&B in (they are together). Went down to Bakewell in the morning. It was very busy. One cleaner up to do vacated cottage and B&B rooms. Chris and handyman spent another day doing logs. Cottage guests arrived just after 3pm. They have been here before, in fact they were here the first new year we were here, there was an unexpected snow fall on New Year’s Eve and they had gone out for the evening and like most of the guests had to leave their car at the bottom of the drive. B&B guests arrived about 4.30. Got fire going and did a final check on the 2009 prices before they are published. After dinner spoke to my sister as my dad has been admitted to hospital for observation after collapsing. He has a viral infection but should be released in a few days. Sat down in time for Spooks.