Tuesday 27 January

A foggy start so a ‘dog in the fog’ walk which means sometimes I cant see where the dogs are but at least they come back to the whistle (usually). Handyman up today and they put the new dishwasher in Magpie and the existing one from Magpie into Honeysuckle. Honeysuckle will be finished tomorrow. Went down to Bakewell and took Blue with me. Back and after lunch washed a couple of pairs of curtains from an empty cottage. Now I’ve washed them I will have to iron them before they can go back up. Kept up to date with Dad’s paper work and phoned a friend. An early dinner so Chris could go and help someone in Over Haddon with their computer. Took a number of bookings today. We continually review our advertising and at the moment I am spending time on the Internet looking at cottage rental sites to see if I can find any others that would be useful to advertise on. Sat down for CSI.