Tuesday 26 June following the news

So Meadowhall was flooded and a nearby dam on the brink of bursting. This is the UK today.

Andrew and Joanna were off to London for a short break today. The road to the station in Chesterfield was flooded so Chris drove them to Derby. As he knew the route to Derby avoiding the A6 Chris was able to avoid the the areas such as Belper which had some flooding. He had some problems reaching the station which he put down to roadworks (there is a lot of building going on in Derby) but it turned out to be due to some flooding. I went to Bakewell expecting to see the river very high, but it was no higher than in winter after some heavy rain.

The afternoon was spent tidying up and restoring the lawn to a summer (?) lawn rather than an autumnal lawn. It stayed dry but was a lot cooler.