Tuesday 26 February Leek

Had planned to go and visit Chris’s parents today but as his dad is not too well we plan to go next week instead. So after usual tasks we set off for Leek. We went via Ashbourne where we took an old dishwasher and TV to the waste center. It has been a couple of years since we last went to Leek. Its wealth was based on the textile industry but more recently it has become an antique center and we had a wander around some of them and the town itself. There used to be a very nice cafe but that has closed since our last visit but we found a nice enough one to have lunch at. On the way back passed the Roaches – they look more spectacular when approached from Leek. We stopped at Wheeldon Trees, another local holiday complex, where we had a chat with the new owners. Back here in time for my businessmen to check in. After tea planned to rest as I had a headache but by the time I had sorted the emails and phone calls from while we were out it was almost time for CSI.