Tuesday 26 August

One of those days where I didn’t get things done as planned still there is tomorrow. Had hoped for a day like yesterday weather wise but the sun never materialised although it remained warm. An early breakfast and B&B guest departed with both rooms back in later. Chores out way early so time to catch up from weekend. Went down to Bakewell. Road still not open. Back for lunch and one cleaner up to turn rooms round and also cottage vacated early. Have taken a booking for it from tomorrow and Chris and handyman put new oven and hob in today. We have replaced most ovens and hobs in last year or so. On the reverse side have had two cancellations for a few weeks time although ever optimistic I am sure they will be filled. Understand The Hairy Bikers program last night featured Bakewell and Chatsworth. First guests arrived about 4.30 and second guest arrive about 7pm. Know the end of the school holidays are in sight as most B&B guests this week are teachers having a last minute break! Took a couple of bookings and finally sat down at 9.30 having made a list of things to do tomorrow!