Tuesday 25 March

A quieter day but plenty to do. After taking dogs out caught up with emails and got post ready to go. Laundry collected and rubbish also taken away. A late booking for one of the cottages and one cleaner up to start some cleaning. Spent some time during the afternoon sorting out bits to do over the next few days in the couple of empty cottages. Guests arrived at 3.30pm. After dinner checked what accounts still need to be done for the end of the month and planned tomorrow. Sat down just before 9pm.

Having mentioned the opening of Chatsworth House a few weeks ago I should also mention our other historic house in the area. Haddon Hall (www.haddonhall.co.uk) opened for the Easter weekend and will be open for weekends for the next month before opening daily in May. It also looks like they will do what Chatsworth House does and decorate the Hall for a period leading up to Xmas. This has worked well at Chatsworth and I’m sure it will do he same for Haddon Hall. Haddon Hall has also been the setting for many period dramas such as last years successful adaptation of Jane Eyre. The recently released ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ was also filmed here and other locations in the area.