Tuesday 24 June

Another mixed day. A fine start weather wise, and noticed Andrew had moved some cows to another field. After usual bits went to Buxton to get some picnic bits to take to Chris’s parents tomorrow. Chris decided to come with me. In M&S bumped into Geoff and Margaret from Chelmorton. They had just come back from a few days in Paris and Bruges. Sigh. The Baslow Choir are performing on Friday and she had some tickets for us. After we had got the provisions and a few other bits we came back via Chelmorton to pick up the tickets. All I need to do now is check the guests will arrive before we need to leave! Spent a little time planting out some more geraniums. Although it had clouded up it was sill mild. One B&B out and back in and also one cottage in so one cleaner up today. As usual everyone arrived at once just before 6pm. After dinner checked everything was OK for tomorrow and todays paper work was completed before sitting down just after 9pm. No blog tomorrow.