Tuesday 21 August – a busy Tuesday

So the first morning I could lay in it is spoilt by the fact I had a bad nights sleep. A cleaner came to turn the two B&B rooms around and I went down to Bakewell to do the usual bits and I needed to go into the card shop which is Smudges favourite shop because they give him a chew. Although it is called the Country Life Book Shop it is more of a card shop with a book section. It has a card for everyone so if you know what their passion is there will be a section of cards suitable for them. Went back and had lunch and made sure everything was OK for the next guests. I then went to Morrisons at Buxton and back via Focus to pick up some paint. I got back just as the first guests were settling in. I was well into the unpacking when the front doorbell went. Thinking it was the next guests I went to take them upstairs to discover that one was a previous guest who was in the area with her husband and wanted to say hello. (She was actually on of our first guests, and is from California, but was here with her mother last time). She had tried to book in here but we were already booked but wanted to bring her husband here to meet us. We had a cup of tea with them and they invited us to join them for a meal but we were still waiting for our next guests so we agreed to drop by at the Bulls Head for a drink later. We had tea, I finished unpacking the shopping and our guests (Canadian) arrived. After we settled them in we went to the pub with the dogs and had a couple of drinks. A nice end to a busy day