Tuesday 2 October – Septembers weather stats

A nice sunny day. Spent most of the morning sorting out the emails and phone calls from yesterday including a B&B cancellation. Had planned to go to Bakewell but with no extra B&B guests did not need to. Went to Morrisons in the afternoon and did a few more bits to finalise accounts. I keep finding things I have not done and so the day just seemd to go.

We thought once Fay went to University we would not get phone calls about computers but Ian phoned with a technical problem so we popped down so Chris could sort it. We were chatting to Joanna’s parents who have some holiday cottages. They let theirs out through an agency. We were talking about the holiday cottage business in general and one valid point was made that we ‘have bought our work’ whereas many farming families ‘inherit‘ the work!

Weather stats for September. Rain 1.94 inches with the 24th being the wettest with .46 inches. The warmest was the 6th with a max temp of 21.4 deg and the coldest the 26th at 7.1 deg.