Tuesday 19 June Chesterfield

If I can I like to go to Chesterfield once a month. I alternate my supermarket trips to Buxton and Chesterfield and if I have time I will visit the towns too.

First of all I need to get the usual bits out of the way, dog walking, breakfast, laundry. I rarely get away before 11.30. It is a nice drive to Chesterfield, going over the moors when the heather is out is lovely, the only thing I hope for every journey is not to get stuck behind a large slow moving vehicle as it is a long uphill drive! Today I did, but I do not let it unduly worry me and accept it will take a few minutes more. I Park in the car park behind the bus station ad walk the short distance to the shopping center. I have a set route, Thorntons, M&S, CO-OP, Poundland, charity shops, Woolworths, BHS, Bon Marche, Wilkinsons. Sometimes I do them all, today I didn’t. I checked the sales at the Co-op and usually look in the linens and housewares. Wilkinson is good for toiletry goods for cottages and B&B, charity shops usually cheap toys for the dogs! I usually have a list of things and today that included potato peelers! I stop off at one of the bakeries on the way back to the car (sometimes I have to make an extra journey back to the car if I have a lot or bulky goods. Next a short drive round to on of the retails parks. This one has a pet superstore and a Currys. Here I purchased an oven and two microwaves which I was able to get into the back of the car! Then the next retail park which has one of my favourite places Dunelm, which is good for linen and housewares. I looked today but found nothing to buy. Starting my route home the last stop is Morrisons. Usually the round trip will take 5-6 hours.

After tea we popped down to the farm to have a piece of Birthday cake but had to rush back as a storm broke and we (well I) was worried about Smudge. A short sharp downpour which soon passed.