Tuesday 18 Septemebr

Another day, another change over. A cold start but the sun soon got to work so extra washing outside to dry. I managed to get a little bit of gardening done, I need to start thinking about bulbs for spring! Next B&B guests arrived later in the afternoon but I managed to get some accounts done. I know I always go on about accounts but I hate being behind with paperwork. What accounts are there to do? Bills, deposits and final receipts for eight cottages and two B&B rooms. Reconcile statements. Credit card receipts cash receipts paying staff. Never ending.

Had to replace one of the toasters as it accidentally got put on an electric hob which hadn’t cooled down. (Always keep a couple of spare kettles and toaster). Also one set of linen has come back with marks the laundry cannot get out. One duvet has been marked by pen and a sheet looks like it has blood marks. I have enough spares but will need to get more after Xmas. I have had to replace some B&B towels in the past where make up marks have not come out in the wash. These are expenses that I guess guests don’t always think about.