Tuesday 15 July Copenhagen.

A bit overcast when we pulled into Copenhagen late morning. We were sandwiched between two big boats, one moored and one loading for departure, which between them could take about 5000 passengers! With an early departure and the need to take a shuttle-bus into town we only had a maximum of 3 hours to explore. Lunch was put on early as most of the tours went off at midday and we couldn’t miss our food could we! Armed with a three hour walk of Copenhagen we trimmed this to see as much we could at our walking pace but the Little Mermaid was some way from the center and in the end we decided we would not have time to get to her. Still in the time we had we enjoyed what we saw and Copenhagen would make a nice weekend break. Back on boat and after afternoon tea we had our usual swim before dinner. Tonight we went to the cinema and saw ‘I am Legend’ with Will Smit, a sci-fi film. As the concert had not finished and we could not go through the ballroom to get to the Horlicks, we thought we would go down and through the dining room. As we did we found ourselves being invited to join a galley tour and not wishing to miss out on this we did so. It was interesting to see how they work in such a small place and yet produce all these wonderful meals for over 600 passengers. Although it wasn’t advertised in the what’s on today list it obviously had been planned as when we came back up from the galley the late night buffet had been placed at the end of the dining room and some of the chefs were demonstrating their skills. I now know how to make marzipan flowers – if I can remember when I get home! The Maitre’D was trying to set fire to the boat with his flambé and I did partake of a glass of rose wine with my Horlicks. Will sleep well tonight!