Tuesday 14 October Change of plans day 1

Up and after breakfast headed off to Buxton to get a few bits in town and shop at Morrison’s on the way back. The day started fair enough but by the time I was driving home it was drizzling. Some friends were supposed to be coming up to stay overnight but a stomach bug forced them to cancel at lunchtime. As we had planned to go out that evening I had not bought dinner but was able to use something I had bought that morning. We had also purchased tickets to see Mr Tony Benn at Buxton before the friends had made arrangements to stay here so in the last few days we had tried to see if anyone locally could use them. Fortunately for us no-one had wanted them so after dinner we went to Buxton. He is looking his age but is still very sharp and a good orator and he has embraced modern technology as he uses the Internet!