Tuesday 10 June

Not as warm but a pleasant enough day Two B&B in today and with the rooms done yesterday I had the day to do things. Did some tidying up and some gardening – planted out the first of the geraniums – and also did some extra washing as I seem to be falling behind. Guests arrived about 4pm, quite close together and they sat out on the patio with tea/coffee chatting to each other. We sometimes get guests who really get on and these two couples did. One are here to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. Its also one of those week when guests in the cottages also get on well with each other and I always like it when I see them talking to each other. During dinner the doorbell rang and someone had driven up to say a cow was on the road. Chris went to find Andrew but when they got to the spot the cow had gone back into the field. Andrew has opened the gates to most of the fields so the cows will go round and munch any bits left after silaging. After dinner phoned my sister and we have agreed on the excursions we would like to pre book when we are in St Petersburg.