Tuesday 1 July June’s weather

A lovely start to July. The warmest day of the year so far although it was a little breezy. One B&B out and one back in. Ian came up to fix the wall and moved the cows to our eight acre field, the front field is starting to look a little short of grass. One cleaner up to do both rooms whilst I went to Bakewell to get my hair cut and some provisions for the next few days. B&B guests arrived about 3pm, they have been here before. Spent some time planting out the final geraniums. Another job done. Spent the rest of the day filing, sorting out paper work and making notes for when I am away. Smudge went and helped bring in the cows. He is getting better at this but does get distracted if a swallow goes past!

June’s weather stats. Warmest day was 9th, as was that night. Highest temp was on the 9th at 22.4 deg C. Coldest day was 21st with the coldest night the 14th. The difference in temperature between these two was 1deg C! Wettest day was 26th with .91 in rain. A total of 2.43 in rain this June compared to last June’s 6.35 in.