Tues 5 June – another ASBO

A busy day but for different reasons. Tomorrow is Chris’s mums’80th birthday and we are going to York and having a picnic at Harewood House. So in the morning I went to Bakewell to do my usual bits and collect the cake. After lunch I went to Buxton to get some provisions. M&S had little food due to a fire at their Crewe depot so I got most bits from Waitrose. Waitrose opened a year ago in Buxton, for me it was a real event. I had missed their ice creams and Maple & Pecan cereal so the first thing I did was stock up on both! I usually got to Morrisons for everyday stuff but didn’t have time. The Co-op in Bakewell will have to do!

Later that evening one of our guests found us to tell us a cow was loose in the guest garden. Chris and I went up there fearing the worst. A rampaging cow can do a lot of damage to the lawn. Luckily with a bit of persuasion she went peacefully through the gate back to her friends We have given 350 an ASBO. We found 374 had also jumped the wall and she was hiding behind the shed. When she realised the game was over she jumped back over the wall I should add that a part of the wall had fallen down hence the ability to jump over into the garden.