Thursday September 25

Another bright day. Two cottages and one B&B out with one cottage back in. The B&B guests bought 479 sheep yesterday (one missing) but they were transported direct back to their farm. We did joke about waking up to all these sheep on our front field. The dogs wouldn’t have been happy as they are scared of sheep! Blue has been getting braver with the cows in the front field. He will even go into the same field as them rather than just look at them from this side of the fence. He still keeps a safe distance from them though. One cleaner up today. Went down to Bakewell today as I have a busier day tomorrow. When Chris went to Over Haddon I spent the afternoon catching up on some personal bits. Guests arrived about 5.30. after which I did some ironing in preparation for tomorrow . After dinner sat down by 8.30.