Thursday 8 November a busier day and a ps from yesterday

Must have been tired yesterday when I blogged because something happened that I forgot to mention. When I woke and opened the curtains there was an ambulance (with blue lights flashing) turning into the drive. It was turning and heading back to Bakewell but stopped by Andrews drive. Went downstairs to have a look and saw a fire engine and police car too. I could only guess that a car had gone off the road. This was confirmed a little later by the policemen who came up to trace the owner of the wall the car had hit. I directed them to Andrew because I wasn’t sure if it was his or not. There was not a lot of damage I noticed when I went to the vets but the owner of the car called in later to see if we owned the wall and again I sent him to Andrews. He was not hurt and apparently the car had skidded on some mud on the road and some witnesses were able to confirm this.

Back to Thursday. After taking the dogs out went down to Bakewell and bought a new fridge for one of the cottages. One cottage and the public rooms to do today. Nobody out but both B&B rooms and a cottage in. Cleaning finished by lunchtime with having to dodge the showers! The first guests to arrive were one of the B&B couples. They had got here earlier than expected and asked if they could leave their cases and go on to Bakewell. I invited them in and also made them tea and had a chat with them before my cottage guests arrived. Got on with some other bits before my next B&B guests. They were here about three months ago.

Decided must make more of an effort to sit down earlier in the evening and tonight managed 8.45.