Thursday 8 May Win Hill

Another nice day forecast although a little hazier than yesterday. After breakfast got ready to go out walking. One cottage out and one back in – they come regularly for the Chatsworth Horse Trials. Another cottage have also left, but a couple of days early because their fire alarm at home keeps going off. One cleaner up to keep up with cleaning.

Win Hill and its neighbour Lose Hill, were according to legend, occupied by opposing armies who fought a battle on the Rive Noe. The winners occupied Win Hill and losers Lose Hill. The views from both are extensive. I chose Win Hill for today. Both are on my ‘to walk’ list. Both have a number of routes to reach the summit but naturally I chose an easier option. We parked at Hope Station and started the 4+ mile walk which was a gradual ascent to Win Hill and gradual descent back to Hope. Had some nice views back to Hope, Bamford and Ladybower reservoir before reaching the summit. Until we reached the top we did not come across other walkers. We stopped for lunch behind a rock sheltering from the wind then set off back down towards Hope. As we have had a few dry days the ground conditions (as far as I was concerned) were excellent so we did the walk in about 3 hours including lunch. Once down we went into Hope and had a cup of tea and a quick browse around the shops. We then came back via Chatsworth Farm Shop and had a look at the alterations. Like any place you get comfortable with you suddenly have to learn where everything has moved to! The only negative comment we would make is that the salad bar is now ‘serve yourself’ – I always liked the idea I could buy a couple of stuffed peppers – now I have to buy a tub of them. Back home to about two dozen telephone messages and a number of emails including a cancellation for a cottage this weekend. Said hello to new guests and had a quick tea before catching up with phone calls and emails etc. Worked until 10.30pm. So much for having a few hours off!