Thursday 7 Feb

A quieter day but very springlike. Took dogs for walk and did usual bits. Was going to go to Morrisons in Buxton but decided to go Sainsbury’s in Matlock for a change. Had a delivery of oil. Electricity contractors came and confirmed a date for crowning the tree close to the overhead line. They have a major nationwide program instigated by the Health & Safety Executive to remove or trim back trees that are less than 3 meters to an electricity line. As a part of one of our trees has fallen already we have been moved up the priority list (even though this was nearly six months ago). They have identified about two dozen trees along the line from Over Haddon to Sheldon that need some work so they will turn off electricty for the best part of a day so they can do the necessary work. We will have guests in that day, but the later they leave it the more likely we will be to have guests in anyway. Chris went to Over Haddon and I decided to do some housework! Took a few bookings and sat down to watch Ashes to Ashes. Really enjoyed the Life on Mars series so lets see how this goes.