Thursday 7 August

Another warm day with showers forecast. One B&B out with one due back in. Chris and I turned the room round as our cleaners had other commitments such as visiting the Bakewell Show! One of our guests had entered their dog in one of the classes at the show and it won reserve. I then spent an hour or so doing some weeding whilst it was nice. Nice enough for lunch on the patio with Andrews cows providing a diversion. Today is the day for booster jabs so all the cows on this side of the road had to be taken back across the road and into the barn for their jab before being returned back here. The hooligans were taken across yesterday afternoon – Chris helped them cross the road – and they came back late morning. The small group of advanced mums to be were taken over late morning and came back after lunch. Then the dry cows were taken across, this was a larger group and had their own ideas as to where they wanted to go! (One damaged gate was the result). I decided to catch up on some sewing jobs, like a pair of Chris’s overalls that have been waiting for ages to have the hem done. So I did them only to find they were a pair of my overalls! Still I eventually did Chris’s later in the evening. Guests turned up about 5pm. They have been here before and live not far from where we used to live. As it was nice they had a cup of tea on the patio and we chatted with them for a while. A later dinner then had a lot of phone calls before finally sitting down about 9.30.