Thursday 6 September A mixed day

Another nice morning and our B&B guests in both rooms departed. Chris and I turned around both rooms although only one was coming in. They have been here before. By the time we had done all our tasks it was lunch time. Chris wanted to go to one of the outdoor shops to buy a pair of boots so we went to the one at Calver first. He found what he wanted here so we came back via the garden center at Calver and Ashford. Here we popped into to see the house our guests were moving into. It is very nice. We then went back home in time for our B&B guests. As it was nice they enjoyed their welcome tea on the patio.

Chris had an evening session at Buxton in the University about web design for accommodation providers organised by the East Midlands Development Agency. Here he met the former owner of Bolehill who we still keep in touch with. We have organised a get together for next week.

While he was there I had a situation which I hope won’t happen again. A couple turned up for their cottage – two weeks early. They had made the booking while they were here a few months ago but now it seems there was confusion over the dates. They thought they had booked for this weekend but I had them booked for two weeks time. I had given them a letter and they had paid the deposit and I was about to chase them for the final payment. The confusion had arisen because there are two similar events at Chatsworth House a couple of weeks apart. After a few phone calls I found them some accommodation for the night and they would go to the Bakewell Tourist Office tomorrow.

PS They did phone after they got home and confirmed they would still be coming next year and would have come for the weekend I had booked for them if I had not already relet it.

Finally today the tenor Luciano Pavarotti died. Perhaps fewer tears shed in the Peak District than other places. Two years ago he cancelled a concert at Chatsworth House. A lot of accommodation provides like ourselves had bookings for that weekend and when he cancelled most of our guests decided to come anyway. The concert was rescheduled for last year but he cancelled at the last moment leaving many accommodation providers with cancellations and Chatsworth House having spent large sums twice for concerts that never went ahead. The feeling was that he should not have rescheduled the second concert.