Thursday 5th July a day off

Another day off (after breakfast etc) but with the forecast not brilliant it w as a question of what to do. By the time we were ready to leave (gone 11 am) we had decided to visit Renishaw Gardens near Sheffield. I had suggested it to someone else who went and were impressed and as dogs aer welcome we thought we would give it a go. We went via Chesterfield where we were able to see the worst of the flood damage at one of the retail parks where they had huge skips (with security guards) where they were disposing of TV’s PC’s etc. We stopped at at a DIY store to pick up some bits before going onto Sheffield.

When we arrived we had lunch first with the sky looking quite threatening. We had a nice walk around the gardens but the lake area was low lying and the path still not usable after all the rain last week. After a few enjoyable hours we were ready to leave and as it had still not started raining we went to Bolsover Castle which luckily did not close until late. There was a civil wedding going on which meant we could not visit a couple of rooms. As we were wandering around we came across two volunteers who were preparing another room for a wedding the next day. We stopped and had a chat with them and then finished our internal tour. By now it was raining so we did not get a good look out side

When we got back there was 16 messages on the answer phone including one cancellation for B&B this weekend due to a bereavement and another possible cottage cancellation due to illness. I spent most of the evening returning calls and answering emails!