Thursday 4 October

A sunny start and a busy day. Three cottages out but none back in so one of the cleaners and I spent a few hours getting some cleaning done. After that I spent most of the day cleaning around the house and tidying up. Chris went to his photography group after lunch. I had planned to go to Bakewell but Chris was late back by which time the Banks had closed so as Friday was to be busy I got some bits (ironing etc) done in advance. Had two phone calls in response to my advert for a cleaner. Chris went down in the evening to sort out a query with the computer. sat down and watched Heroes.

With forecast of a good weekend emails and phone calls continued into the evening. Last one at 9.45. Perhaps a sign of changing times as I would never have phoned anyone after 9pm but I guess people with their own busy lives forget that others with equally busy lives may just want to have a break after 13 hour or so. I could ignore the phone but I have been ‘mentally trained’ to answer as soon as it rings. People forget that many farming families do go to bed at about 9pm if they are up at 4 0r 5 am.