Thursday 30 August

One of those days where in theory I should have time to do things but in practise it does not happen. Only day this week with no-one going in or out but it still takes most of morning to get usual jobs done. No Cleaners today. Also decided to give some of our walking gear a wash or clean. By 2pm I was starting to panic about the laundry when all of a sudden I heard the van come into the courtyard. Not only did I get last weeks laundry back but also this weeks so my linen room is full now! I was then ready to go to Bakewell to pick up provisions for the weekend – decided would be easier today in view of the Chatsworth Show starting tomorrow – but so did a lot of other people as I have never seen Bakewell so busy for a Thursday! Got back and did some paperwork before tea. As it had brightened up I did suggest going to see the heather on the moors but now that the evenings are starting to draw in we decided there would not be enough daylight left. One of the cottages had a problem with the heating and Chris was still sorting this out at 9pm. Sat down at about 9.30 and watched Heroes and blogged.