Thursday 3 April

Has spring arrived? Perhaps it has temporarily but a cold blast is forecast this weekend. Other signs of spring and changing seasons is my first egg of the year. We are down to two hens, both past their best for laying, but plan to purchase some more soon. Have heard the first curlew but more importantly Ian was up today ‘chain harrowing’. This levels out some of the lumps and bumps that have built up over the winter. Another sign that the fields are being prepared for the cows. Still no dates yet as the grass is too short still. Last year the first of the cows made their appearances in Andrews fields on April 10th. I shall be watching out for them. Apart from signs of spring life went on and one cleaner up today to turn B&B rooms round and do the public areas. I did some preparation for tomorrow and took up the hem of a pair of curtains I plan to hang up tomorrow. Chris went to Over Haddon for his digital photographic session. When he came back it had become pleasant enough to have a cup of tea outside! Phoned some guests who are arriving tomorrow to check arrival times as we have tickets for a show at the Opera House in the evening. Sat down about 9pm.