Thursday 29 November

Another quiet day but after a noisy start! Our washing machine was making a terrible noise and after a bit of investigation Chris found a penny somewhere in the works. A bright start and took the dogs for a walk after our breakfast – one B&B in later. Did various bits including some housework before going down to Bakewell. Chris had talked about going to Hathersage but I wanted to get things done so suggested the weekend for that as we have friends coming to stay. Chris did a number of odd jobs around the place including a new outside light. Came back and had lunch. Spent time planting out 90 bulbs. Still about 150 to do! B&B guests arrived just before 4 pm. Did a bit of paperwork and after dinner did a couple of gift vouchers. One of the cleaners came up in the evening to do a couple of cottage for the weekend. Sat down just after 9pm.