Thursday 27 September

Another one of those days when the time went and I had nothing to show for it. Both B&B rooms went today as did one of the cottages. One of the relief cleaners came up for a few hours and we managed to get one of the rooms and the cottage done. (I did the beds in the cottage). Chris went to the photography session and I did bits around the house. We could have gone to a Leisure Industry Show at the NEC but didn’t. When Chris came back we went to a showroom in Bakewell to look at a new office chair for him. His current one is literally falling to pieces. Had tea then Joanna came and picked me an we went to Grindleford. We went to a Derbyshire WI games evening. It was fun, we played Tiddlywinks, Snakes & Ladders, Shove Ha’penny and some other games. We also had a supper, pie and mash, I thought the supper would be sandwiches. It was a good evening and as usual I found out bits about the local area that I didn’t know before.