Thursday 27 November

A reasonable start but weather deteriorated later in the day. Felt mild too. One cottage out with two back in and one cleaner up today. Found time for many odd jobs in the cottages this week including defrosting some fridges and washing some curtains. Still have some bulbs to plant out and despite the drizzle spent half an hour planting out some bulbs. First guests arrived just after 3.30 pm, they have been here before. Spent some time going through dads paperwork and feel confident everything in order for me to do the probate. Second guests arrived about 5.30. Had tickets to see the Illegal Eagles at Buxton, but neither of us could remember who wanted to see them. Decided to grab a bite in Buxton. Stopped at Flamenco’s a little Spanish place off the market square. ( As it was still early we were the only guests, but like a lot of restaurants November and January are quite months with the December rush in the middle. I would rather visit these restaurants in November and January! Got to the Opera House with plenty of time and really enjoyed the performance. There have been a number of very good ‘tribute bands’ at Buxton and I am sure we will get to see some more.