Thursday 26 July

The forecast was more promising than yesterday but it certainly dint look that way first thing! Needed to go to Buxton to do a food shop at Morrisons so Chris suggested we go early and have lunch in Buxton. Set off with a light weight jacket but as soon as we got to Buxton it started raining cats and dogs so within minutes I was soaked through. Then his mobile went and it was one of the local farmers who had said he could help empty the cattle grid at the bottom of the drive – and he could do it that afternoon. Chris phoned Andrew to see if he could help too and Ian was volunteered. With all the rain the cattle grid has filled up. So we had lunch and came back as a third person would be needed – someone will have to shovel the last few bits out! It took about an hour for the two men and their machines and Chris to empty the three sections of the cattle grid. Luckily most guests were out. I then went back to Buxton to do my shop at Morrisons but had to go a different way as one of the back roads had a very big puddle across it.

A sign of the times with one phone call today from someone whose holiday cottage had been flooded and they were looking for alternative accommodation. The worst of it though was that it was their honeymoon cottage.