Thursday 26 February

Back to Buxton this morning to collect a new lenses for my glasses as one had a chip when it arrived at the opticians. Chris has been having problems with his new glasses and as they couldn’t find a cause they are going to retest his sight. While we were waiting for my glasses to be repaired we walked round to the Pavilion Gardens where the new cafe has opened. Back home and Chris went off to his digital photography session. Three cleaners up today to get all the cleaning up to date for the next couple of days. One cottage in today. Chris returned with one of his fellow attendees who stayed for a cup of tea and as a keen gardener inspected our gardens with the snowdrops starting to give a good show. A couple of things that have happened over the last few days that I haven’t mentioned yet is that the sheep have gone so a walling man has been repairing any damage. Also you may recall that the electricity company removed a number of trees last year so they wouldn’t affect over head electricity lines. We were always told they would replace them although we never thought they would so about 20 saplings of traditional English tree variety have been planted around Bolehill Farm. I got on with some bits and pieces around the house and after dinner sat down for 8.30.