Thursday 25 October

A quiet day and a chance to catch up with things. Up for an 8 am breakfast with the next breakfast at 9 am. After that took the dogs for a walk. Although it was a bit murky a balloon still went by – cannot believe they are still going up this late in the year – it is the latest we have seen them. Dogs found a mice nest in the far field, well Blue did, but they cannot understand that their digging and breathing frightens them away – one run over my boot – and they still carry on digging and sniffing at the same spot!
One cottage out and one in today. One cleaner here to turn the cottage around. Chris went to Over Haddon and I got on with bits. Had asked for laundy to be returned today but when I chased them they found it had just been done in the normal way so won’t get it until Monday. Did an extra wash so I have enough linen for the weekend. My bulbs – nearly 200 of them – arrived together with a few other plants so I have something else to keep me occupied! A balloon passed overhead late afternoon so I took some pictures. Closest a balloon has been for ages. Waved and they waved back! Had fish and chips tonight. Cottage guests arrived between 7 & 8 pm as expected. Watched Heroes from last night as no Hotel Inspector.