Thursday 23 August

The wind has died down enough to feel the strength of the sun – in fact today it felt like summer! Chris has linked into a national B&B forum and it is interesting to see how issues and regulations are affecting B&B operators around the country. Chris had posted an entry asking for ideas on removing stains from carpets. Luckily one B&B in Bakewell offered us the use of her steam cleaner so Chris went down to collect it. I said goodbye to one set of B&B guests and the room was cleaned ready for the next ones due to arrive later in the day. Chris and the handyman spent most of the day splitting logs for winter. I spent a lot of the day answering phonecalls and emails! A couple called in to pick up a brochure. I went down to Bakewell in the afternoon, I had planned to go tomorrow but decided it might be even busier so I went but without Smudge. I also returned the steam cleaner. Our guests arrived just before 6pm and we considered going to look at the heather up on the moors – it is reputed to be very good this year – but it had started to get hazy. A quieter evening and time to catch up on blogging.