Thursday 22 November

A quiet day and a chance to catch up with house work and gardening. A bit of a lie in – last one for a while – as no guests in or out. One cleaner up today to do B&B rooms and public areas. Andrew has been bringing some more cows across including my namesake Shirley who is expecting later in the year. With such a dry month, (only 0.18 in rain so far this month), his grass is already starting to run out. They are already talking about silaging anytime from the beginning of next week depending on the weather. After lunch Chris went down to Over Haddon for his digital photography session whilst I carried on with my house work. When he came back I went down to Bakewell as Thursday afternoon is usually quiet. Whilst I was in the butchers a whole load of older school children went past. I thought nothing of it as there are often school parties in town. As I walked back to Bath Gardens they were all congregating by the bus stops so I assumed they were waiting for a coach. I noticed there was also a couple of policemen patrolling the area so something was definitely going on. As I walked past them I spotted one of them was sporting a sweatshirt with the logo Lady Manners school leavers 2008 so it all twigged, it was their last day of school. As the first of the school buses taking the Lady Manners kids home rounded the corner the group cheered. Got back home and found Chris showing some cottage guests around the B&B. They have booked a B&B break for later in the year. Checked my plants in the greenhouse. Spoke with a friend on the phone and after a late dinner caught up with some banking before sitting down for Heroes.