Thursday 22 November One of those days!

Supposed to be a relative easy day, usual bits, trip down to Bakewell and a couple of hours of gardening. It was not to be. Took the dogs out for their walk after breakfast. Our B&B guests left after having a look at the vacant cottages. One cleaner up to do the B&B rooms and public area. Had planned to go to Bakewell in the morning but by the time everything was done it was 12 15. Also had a couple of deliveries and one of the cottages left early as they had not been well. Chris had been finishing off some jobs in one of the cottages. Had lunch and Chris went off to his photo session in Over Haddon. Post brought a nice surprise in the form of a calendar from one of our Australian guests earlier in the year. Emailed a thanks. Just as the cleaner was leaving a phone call from one of my other cleaners to say her daughter was not well and she wouldn’t be able to make it tomorrow. I had hoped for two cleaners tomorrow as we are full for the weekend. The cleaner who was already here was able to stay on so as one the cottages had left she went to make a start just as we had a power cut! She was able to get most done before the power came back and she was then able to hoover. I was dismantling the cot when our oil delivery arrived and the phone went… Heard from one regular guest who has not been well but who has made a booking or early in the New Year When Chris came back I went down to Bakewell and for once was able to use my residents parking permit. When got back our latest B&B guests had arrived. Had a chat with them later in the evening as they live in the next village from where we used to live (although we did not know them). After tea phoned my nieces and wished them Happy Birthday. Sat down to another interesting episode of the Hotel Inspector (which will not be on for the next three weeks due to football).