Thursday 21 February a dark day

Up early to get any tasks done that needed electricity before the power went out. Lights went out just after 8.30. This spooked the dogs. I think poor Smudge was waiting for a clap of thunder. Did a fried breakfast for the guests rather than a grilled breakfast. One B&B out today. Took the dogs out for their normal walk and this seemed to settle them. The electricity and tree contractors turned up about half ten. I went down town and got some bits and bought a couple of sandwiches from Relish, a little sandwich shop in one of the alleyways. Brought that back and ate it for lunch. It was nice! Chris then went off to Over Haddon and I went to Buxton. Decided to go to Waitrose for a change but had a little wander around Buxton first. Came back about 4pm just after Chris got back. Was surprised at many trees had been pruned or removed. I have more of a view towards Baslow and the escarpment behind Chatsworth House! Light came back on about 4.45 so I went round and checked the heating in the cottages. Finished to sit down for Ashes to Ashes.