Thursday 21 August

A quiet day with plans to catch up on some household chores. One B&B guest out. The sun came out this morning so I did some extra washing only for it to rain when I put it out to dry. One reason for the new washing machine is that it takes a larger load so hopefully I can clear the washing before Fridays! The roof rack we bought yesterday had some fixing bolts missing so a phone call followed and hopefully the missing bits will be here in a few days. Chris had two other deliveries today so he was kept occupied with those. I was going to go to Bakewell tomorrow but in the end went this afternoon, particularly as the bottle bins needed emptying and I would prefer to avoid Bakewell on Sunday if I can. Chris came too. One thing we noticed yesterday was that the heather is not far off from being at its best so I had better plan a walk. In the end did not get as much done as I had planned but that’s the way it goes.