Thursday 20 September

Only day this week with no-one in or out. After breakfast and washing etc went down to Bakewell and did the usual bits plus pay the monthly bill at the builders merchants, Midco. It is opposite Bakewells only fishmonger so I popped in and got some salmon. Got back and did lunch. Chris went off to his photo session and I went to Buxton, leaving the dogs on their own for a couple of hours. The usual way to Buxton was closed for roadworks so went via the A6 and had a good run through. I went into the town as I thought there was sports shop where I could get some new table tennis bats but must have been thinking about the one in Chesterfield. Then went to Morrisons. Got home to find the new cleaner who was supposed to start in a weeks time has changed her mind. This has left me temporarily short staffed as I had planned to advertise but didn’t when she accepted the job. It means I will be doing extra cleaning for a few weeks more until I can find someone to bolster the team whilst one of the cleaners is on maternity absence. Had a flurry of emails and telephone calls after tea so it was 9.30pm before I started the ironing so it was ready for first thing in the morning. Glad to sit down and relax with this weeks episode of Heroes. Getting real interesting. The Hotel Inspector was not on due to football.