Thursday 2 October Weather Stats for September

A quiet day at home for me. A cold night so wrapped up to take dogs for their walk. Better day today weather wise. Overall yesterday had over an inch & quarter of rain here, could be wettest day of year. In fact almost had as much rain yesterday as last October! One cottage out a day early as not feeling well so cleaner came up and did that as well as public areas. After usual chores spent some time tidying up and after lunch doing some personal paper work. Chris went to the digital workshop at Over Haddon. Got the fire going for the first time this autumn. A couple of phone calls and emails this evening so by time sorted them out and got things ready for tomorrow it was almost 9pm so sat down and watched the final part of Silent Witness.

Weather stats for September. Warmest day was 20th with highest temp 19 deg on 13/9. 10/11th was warmest night. Coldest day was 29th with lowest temp 5.9 deg. 28/29th was coldest night. Wettest day was 5/9 with 1.11 in rain followed closely by 6/9 with 1.04 in. Total for September was 4.19 in compared with 1.94 in last September. Highest UV 5.5