Thursday 19 June Higger Tor and Carl Wark

After doing breakfast packed the bags and off we went. It was sunny but very breezy when we got to the Surprise View car park just outside Hathersage. The story goes that when Queen Victoria came along the road and turned the bend she was surprised to see such a view, and it is a lovely view in good weather. I had planned a figure of eight walk taking in some landmarks this side of Hathersage. From the car park we walked along Millstone edge then headed towards Carl Wark. This is an ancient fortified hill the age of which has not been determined but it is considered to be either late Roman or Bronze Age with Roman additions. We stayed on the footpath that skirted Carl Wark but headed to Burbage Rocks where we picked up the Sheffield Country Walk towards Upper Burbage Bridge. We found a spot for lunch with views back to Higger Tor and Carl Wark. There were a number of school climbing groups about, I assumed from Sheffield. As I watched them there was a part of me that wished I had had opportunities like this when I was at school. At the bridge we turned onto the next loop which took us up onto Higger Tor. From here, like at Millstone Edge, we could see Win and Lose Hill and Mam Tor and of course the cement works. From Higger Tor we carried on along the path that took us onto Carl Wark. From here we headed towards Burbage Bridge but crossed the main road just short of the bridge and walked the final stretch along the brook. A long walk but without much upping and downing although the path was a little indistinct at time. We popped into Hathersage for a quick look around the outdoor shops. Back home caught up with the few emails and phone calls. We decided to eat out this evening and went to Fellicinis by the river. I enjoyed my meal but Chris was less keen on his. (He is not really a pizza and pasta man).