Thursday 19 February

No-one out but two of our peak district cottages in. First cottage arrived about 9 am. After usual chores and cleaning one dog who found the recently slurried field we went to Buxton. Main purpose was to collect new glasses but on way back stop at Morrison’s to stock up as not been shopping for four weeks! Also called in at an electrical wholesalers and builders merchants to pick up some bits. A late lunch then some bits and pieces. We tried to re order the fridges we wished to buy now that the snow has gone and we are confident delivery vans can deliver. Unfortunately they are no longer stocked so we will have to go and look at some different fridges. (We need fridges with freezer compartments to conform with Tourist Board Quality Standards). These are reviewed regularly. Did you know until recently we had to stock each cottage with items such as rolling pins and baking tins in case guests wish to make their own pastry or cakes whilst on holiday. W still keep a set for guests just in case! Second guests arrived about 5pm. They have been here before. After dinner did some housekeeping jobs. Geoff called round and he and Chris talked computers! February’s Derbyshire Life magazine has a selection of photos entered into a regional competition by local Photographic Societies including Bakewell. Some won prizes but one of the portraits was of Chris! (Not that you would initially recognise him!) Sat down just after 9pm.