Thursday 16th Bugsworth Basin

A day off as Chris reminded me. Well I suppose I could always sort out the filing system instead but with Chris’s foot not up for a long walk I chose a trip to Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth Basin. We parked in Whaley Bridge and walked along the canal, we had to stop under a tree for a passing shower. I thought we would walk a little way to give the dogs a walk then return to the car and drive around to Bugsworth Basin but before we realised it we were there. Bugsworth Basin is another example of our industrial heritage. Bugsworth was one of the largest inland ports fo the canal network. It was a centre for the production of burnt lime and the terminus of the Peak Forest Canal linked by the Peak Forest tramway. Today very little remains of the buildings but volunteers (and where would a lot of sites be without them) have restored the site with a heritage trail which was interesting. All of a sudden there was another shower so we dived into the pub and had lunch (dogs allowed on leads). Then we walked back to Whaley Bridge and had a walk around there. We then drove around to Hayfield (this is where the mass trespass of Kinder Scout started from) to have a look at Kinder Scout (must walk there some day) before going back home. We were the first ones back. On better weather days guests do come back later. Spent an hour doing accounts.

I could have sat down at 8pm but felt guilty so went and did another hours work before I sat down!