Thursday 15 November

A beautiful sunrise with a frosty start. This morning we had an 8am breakfast so I had a chance to catch up with some things. One cottage out and one back in so one cleaner up to turn around the cottage and a B&B room and the public areas. Post brought one of the many trade catalogues that we get, this one on tables and chairs for the leisure industry. Always a good read. Sales rep from Bullsemen phoned and had to disappoint him as will not be ordering any. Always enjoyed reading their brochures but now they know we are not a working farm doubt we will get any more. Also got regular farming magazine addressed to previous occupants. Always enjoy the articles on the new big ‘toys’. Too cold to do any gardening so concentrated on things indoors. Cottage guests arrived about 3.30. Beautiful sunset. Chris took some photos. Went down to Bakewell at 5pm to get hair cut. After tea did some accounts then sat down to watch the Hotel Inspector.