Thursday 14 Feb A thief strikes

Felt a lot colder this morning. A bit misty too. Two cottages out with one B&B in so one cleaner up this morning. Went down to Bakewell with Smudge. When I go into the shops I leave him outside with my shopping. When I came out of the Co Op I found a discarded paper bag by my shopping. At first I was surprised someone would put some rubbish by a dog then I recognised the paper bag. I looked through my shopping and realised I was missing something. My sausage roll! I had fancied a sausage roll for lunch. Could not beleive he had taken it (bearing in mind he has guarded sausages and ham and all kinds of meat in the past). I told him off but he did not look guilty (and usually he looks guilty if he knows he’s done something wrong) but thinking about it the handyman often gives him bits of sausage roll so perhaps he did not think he was doing wrong. I did not let him forget the theft for the rest of the day.

When I got back I checked the B&B rooms and did some pottering in the cottages. While Chris was down at Over Haddon I did some house work. B&B guests arrived just before 6pm. They had booked a meal in Derby so they were out again almost immediately. Did the paperwork for more bookings after tea then sat down for Ashes to Ashes.