Thursday 14 August a walk from Hartington

Our ‘day off’ and luckily a good day weather wise was forecast. If it’s Thursday it must be spraying day and the Buntings were up to do some more spraying and move the cows to another field so the front field can ‘rest’ for a few weeks. By the time we were ready to leave it was nearly 11.30. I had chosen a walk from Hartington which we had done a number of years ago, but not since we moved here. We parked and got out the boots only to discover that both pairs were mine. Luckily Hartington is not that far away so we drove back to collect Chris’s boots. Another guest had had problems with the washing machine this morning and a quick check revealed a child’s sock in the filter! By the time we got back to Hartington and started our walk it was gone midday. The hardest part of the walk was the first 250 yards to the Hartington Youth Hostel. We stopped and admired this wonderful building when we noticed it had a cafe. As we had not had anything since breakfast we had a coffee stop! It was nice enough to sit outside. We then continued along a lane to just outside Biggin where we turned into Biggin Dale. This is a dry dale but can get boggy after prolonged rain. It is also quite rocky but not enough to spoil the walk. Before we turned into Wolfscote Dale we stopped for lunch. We had walked this stretch of Wolfscote Dale back in the spring when the daffs were out. Today there were a lot of fishermen out. The final part of the walk was though Beresford Dale and back to Hartington. This is also Charles Cotton country (friend of Izaak Walton – The Compleat Angler) who lived at Beresford Hall and there is a fishing temple in the grounds – although this is not open to the public. Back at Hartington we stopped for a cup of tea then popped into the Cheese shop for some cheese. There are concerns in the village as the cheese factory has just been sold to another dairy firm and they are worried about what will happen to the factory and the jobs there. Picked up a few supplies from the village shop before heading home. Driving back the sky was very black over our way but luckily it had stayed dry. I had left washing out with fingers crossed it would stay dry. A light dinner and after watching the Olympic highlights and doing today’s paper work then sat down and watched the recorded episode of House of Saddam.