Thursday 11 October

A quiet day with non-one in or out so a chance to catch up with housework and finally complete last quarters accounts so we can do the VAT return. Also interviewed some more prospective cleaners. It turned into a nice day. I popped over to Chris’s parents a few times, chatted to some of the guests and the day just went. Earlier in the afternoon I had a phone call from a gentleman who had booked some accommodation about a month ago for a short term let but had not confirmed it. He phoned to advise he was arriving next week but as he had not confirmed or paid I had let it go. I was able to offer some accommodation but not for another couple of weeks so I have asked him to confirm by Monday if he wishes to take up the accommodation.

In the evening we popped over to have a drink with the couple who come a few times a year. They came in June and are back for the New Year. So we had a glass or two of wine some nibbles and a chat. A nice few hours.