Thursday 11 December Out & About

Up and Chris took the dogs for a walk while I sorted the laundry and did some other household chores. One cleaner up today to clean a cottage for the weekend. Went down to Bakewell for dental appointment and banking and get bits for weekend. Came back and with nobody due in we went to Haddon Hall to see the Xmas decorations. This is the first year they have opened for Xmas even if it is only for a week. We had a light lunch at the cafe. It was very busy at the hall which was very good and speaking to one of the wardens they have had more than expected visitors so hopefully they will do it again. All the decorations were natural greenery and were very effective. We then wen on to Chatsworth House and did the same there. There was a very full moon rising when we were at Chatsworth and apparently it will be one of the fullest for years. Chris has taken many pictures of today’s visit so please have a look at the picture gallery. Came back via the farm shop where we bought a few bits and had a light tea when we got back. Phone calls, emails blogging and Xmas cards for rest of evening and watched Heroes from last night.