Thursday 10 Jan an inspector phones

Time to catch up today but the phone calls and emails still were coming in. One cleaner up today to turn a cottage around for guests arriving today. We are overdue for our annual inspection of the cottages by the tourist board and today I had a phone call from an inspector trying to arrange a visit. For the cottages we are given notice and they do try to fit in with vacancies so they can see as many as possible empty. If I have guests in we always ask the guests if we can show the inspector in so they can at least check there have been no major deterioration in the state of the cottage. I will have a definite date confirmed in the next few days but it will probably be during the w/c 28 January. Chris went to the photo work shop at Over Haddon and I welcomed in some guests for a week. Their daughter, who lives locally, brought in some provisions for them. Sat down by 9pm so did a bit of blogging.